The Resources

The Resources

Click on the links below to navigate through the resources you may need.


Would allow the user to upload actual documents and videos that they think could be useful to others. This would be a catch all for items for which links are not available. (personal example- When Tatum oncologist provided written recipe for what they called a “bone cocktail” Which was a combination of over the counter medications that helped with the bone pain and caused when she was given medicine to help her bones produce more platelets. Tatum’s husband would then upload the documentation to this portion)


Allow users to provide links to news articles, research articles,  educational videos, latest cancer news, FB links, etc.


This allows users to provide links to other organizations that provide support services to those battling cancer and their families. Examples- The American Cancer Society, The Victory Center, Good Grief of Northwest Ohio, Little Pink Houses, Jack nd Jill Foundation, etc.

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