Beth Rego Survivor

Beth Rego Survivor

Beth Rego Survivor

Sarah Beachy Cancer Survivor

August of 2013 at a routine obgyn appointment my doctor found a lump. Two days later a Breast MRI and a ultrasound biopsy! This was on a Friday and a holiday weekend. So they said it would take a couple extra days to hear anything. We didn’t say anything to our family, “nothing to worry about ” is what we were telling our selves.

On Wednesday September 4,2013 We received the call” It is Cancer!” So after a lot of crying I had to call my children, not only to tell them I had a lump but that it was Cancer. How does one start that conversation?

On September 4 my journey began: doctors appointments, surgery, Chemo, Radiation. And so much more! I always say “Cancer is the best/worst thing that happened to me”! There are so many wonderful things and hard things that I (and my family) have experience since.

Three and a half years later I’m doing good.

December of 2016 an emergency room trip turns into an eight day stay and we hear the words again “It’s Cancer!” This time it’s Lung cancer and it’s my husband. So January of 2017 we started another Cancer journey.

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